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  • Safety management is the successful integration of teamwork and accountability, fueled by personal responsibility.
  • Policies are important, but it is people who must apply them intelligently in the real world.

By: Jeff Cassidy
Global Aerospace

Letter From The President

The aviation industry needs to make dramatic improvements in pilot and air traffic controller professionalism through training, monitoring, and a focus on best practices and personal responsibility. We will focus our 2012 SM4 efforts on this critical initiative.

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From where I sit

From Where I Sit

NTSB Resources to Enhance Safety: Expand Your Knowledge, Skills, and Efforts. Presented here are five examples of NTSB activities and resources that can help you and your organization enhance safety.

By: Mark R. Rosekind, Ph.D.
National Transportation Safety Board

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Why We Must Re-Address Professional Ethics

Why We Must Re-Address Professional Ethics

Professional ethics is a deceptively complex issue. It is personal, volatile and...

By: Dr. Tony Kern
Convergent Performance

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Ntn Incident Management

Using NIMS to Improve Your Emergency Response Plan

Preparedness is the foundation for all incident response activities...

By: Lori Hardin
Fireside Partners, LLC

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Everybody Contributes to SMS

Everybody Contributes to SMS

Aviation departments that exclusively focus their safety program on pilots are not optimizing the potential of their other employees...

By: Bob Conyers
Baldwin Aviation

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